How could I not include a picture of her?! My BIRTHFIT baby. She reminds me daily to love and cherish every moment!!

Lisa BOnD, SANTA CRUZ Regional Director


BSN,RN (WOmen’s Health


Hey guys! I am an RN who loves helping guide women through the motherhood transition. As an RN I have worked in Women’s Health for 12 years; the first ten years in Labor & Delivery, and the last two years as a Diabetes &Pregnancy Nurse Educator. In L&D I was trained by a midwife from London who taught me the art of genuinely supporting women during labor. (Love you, Ms. Cindy!) I’ve attended 500+ births and was always the nurse who took on the role of Doula and made sure my patient's wishes, and desires were respected. During my pregnancy, I had Gestational Diabetes, and it led me to pursue a career as a Diabetes and Pregnancy Nurse Educator. My experience as a Diabetes educator uncovered my passion for health coaching and setting long-term health goals for patients. I miss being a part of women’s birth experiences, and I am so excited to do it in a way that I love. I can’t wait to bring my experience to the women of Santa Cruz and Monterey.